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NEC SV9100 Color Phone Training

Phone Training

Welcome to the NEC SV9100 ( Color ) and ( Black & White ) phone training. In this series of training tutorials, we will go over the features of the phone, call handling - which will include placing internal and external calls, placing calls on hold, how to park a call, transferring, making a conference call, paging, how to set up your voicemail.  We will also go over the different function keys on your phone. For questions regarding the following training video’s please contact Midwest Telecom at 812.421.0111.

NEC SV9100

Video #1 - Introduction

Video #2 - Function Keys

Video #3 - How to Place an Internal & External Call

Video #4 - How to Answer Internal & External Calls

Video #5 - How to Transfer a Call to a Coworker

Video #6 - Transferring a Call to a Coworker's Voicemail

Video #7 - How to Transfer A Call to an Employee Cell Phone 

Video #8 - Placing & Picking up a Call on Hold

Video #9 - How to Park & Pick Up a Call on Park

Video #10 - How to Make a Page Announcement

Video #11 - How to Make a Conference Call

Video #12 - Last Number Dialed & Caller ID

Video #13 - Setting Up Call Forwarding

Video #14 - How to Cancel Call Forwarding

Video #15 - To Set Voicemail Security Code

Video #16 - How to Set Up Your Voicemail


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