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Call Detail Reporting

Communications Analyst

At a Glance

  • Analyzes call traffic to reduce cost
  • Provide access to reports from anywhere via a web-browser and internet access
  • Measure campaign response to optimize marketing budgets
  • Sends out instant notification of emergencies and fraudulent activity
  • Provides accurate billing and proof of calls


NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8000 Series Communications Analyst provides
an easy-to-use, graphically-oriented software package that captures,
monitors and analyzes phone calls and trunk usage for single or multiple
locations. It provides the productivity measurement, cost management,
toll fraud monitoring and billing creation functions required to get a
clear picture of voice and network activity on converged communication
platforms such as VoIP, hosted PBXs and hybrid telephone systems. This
information can improve your company’s level of service and increase your
Return on Investment (ROI).

Because it is a scalable solution with uncomplicated licensing
requirements and easily-implemented upgrades, it can grow as your
business grows – and its enterprise-level database standards ensure that
your company will never outgrow it. Its data can be centralized and made
easily accessible from multiple phone systems and locations across the
network. Communications Analyst even integrates seamlessly with most
Property Management Systems (PMS). Those in the hospitality industry
will find its customer billing features especially useful.


Analyze Call Traffic
Use Communications Analyst’s Traffic Analysis features to reduce costs
and increase revenue by enabling your business to efficiently allocate
resources, eliminate excess trunk capacity and increase productivity.
Traffic Analysis provides the ability to:
  • Document and understand trunk usage
  • Track incoming and outgoing trunk calls in real-time
  • Access information that provides a clear understanding of telecom infrastructure use
  • Demonstrate the outcome of adding and removing trunks on the system through its provided “What If?” analysis
  • Optimize trunk usage
  • Eliminate unused capacity
  • Maximize efficiency

An additional feature enables users to monitor employee productivity
by viewing and analyzing call activity. Problem areas can be quickly
identified and addressed with training geared to correct specific