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Customer Support


Our team includes employees that will provide value-added services to your business:

  • Certified Technicians to install and maintain your communication products.
  • Customer Service Representatives to train & support staff with communication changes.
  • Administrative Personnel to work directly with customers on service requests
  • Account Executives to coordinate and improve communication resources and abilities.

Diverse Expertise

Our team works with many different individuals and operational standards. Midwest Telecom's customers consist of all types of business and organizations such as hospitality, healthcare, education, retail, finance, auto dealerships, government support office, manufacturing companies, non-for- profit organizations, etc. This diversity enhances our communications knowledge and expertise.


Midwest Telecom's support program is an on-going commitment to ensure customer satisfaction. A few of the key program elements include:

  • Evaluations of the most effective communication solution to support a customer's business and organization needs: Site Survey, Management, and Staff Interviews.
  • Providing a single point of contact for all your communication needs:  Equipment Systems, Lines, Networking, Wireless, etc.
  • Analysis of incoming line configurations and ISP options to provide the best services based on communication needs and operating costs.
  • Assessing system integration with business networks.
  • Determining wiring requirements for a universal or segmented cabling or wireless system and how it will interface with communication equipment, networks, and sound/paging resources
  • Coordinating with staff, architects, and construction managers to facilitate port and equipment locations.
  • Educating staff in communication techniques and the use of installed resources.


Our service goals are to ensure our customers are provided with exceptional support and expertise to maintain their communication equipment. Our service goals:

  • Certified Technicians with onsite service equipment to evaluate and resolve your communications issues.
  • A professional support staff to coordinate service request.
  • Response to emergency requests within 2 hours of receiving notification.
  • Response to non-emergency requests within 48 hours of receiving notification.
  • 24 Hour Help Desk to answer your communications questions.
  • Fully stocked warehouse with materials to respond to emergency situations.
  • Fully stocked service vehicles.

In addition to, Midwest Telecom wants to make every service request as simple as possible. Midwest Telecom offers two different options on placing service request to?

Calling for Service

Call Midwest Telecom at 812-421-0111 and leave the service information with your Dispatch Department.

E-Mail for Service

Contact Midwest Telecom by e-mail at and list all information regarding the service issues include:

  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Service Request
  • Date Service Required

We will contact you in regard to the service request as soon as possible with schedule time and date.

For more information call Midwest Telecom today at 812.421.0111.